Wednesday, January 2, 2008


l‰£a ¢jœ

pÉ¡¾­VÊ¡-L¡l gÓÉ¡­Vl NÉ¡­lSz
Ae¿¹ pL¡m gÓÉ¡V ­M¡m¡R¡c
pL¡m ­c¡am¡l h¡s¡¾c¡ Vhz
Vh ­N¡m¡f g¥m h¡S¡­ll b¢m
h¡S¡­ll b¢m j¡Wi¡P¡ ­l¡cz
­l¡c L¡c¡q£e ¢œ²­LV HL hÉ¡N ú¥m z
ú¥m L¡NS ­h’ ­j¡h¡Cm e¡ð¡l
­j¡h¡Cm Hp-Hj-Hp h¡p ØVÉ¡ä z

g¥m ­Rys¡ g¥m ­g¡V¡
­j±Q¡­L ­j±Q¡­L
¢h­c¢n f¡¢Ml Ty¡L
B­p k¡u
­a¡j¡l Bj¡l ¢Q¢W
L­mS-­ú¡u¡­l z

jªa ph Lb¡…­m¡
jq¡L¡n-k¡­el Lh­l
huú p¡c¡ Q¥­m¡
öL­e¡ Cl¡fn¡e....z

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